Google Earth – Explore the Architectural Landmarks of Detroit



Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students learn more about famous structures and landmarks in Detroit, Michigan and the individuals who created them.  Students choose the landmarks they will research and then create a presentation using Google Earth to showcase their information along with pictures, videos and maps.  Included with the lesson are student expectations, grading rubric and a tutorial for Google Earth (a free, Web 2.0 tool that does not require download).  For classrooms with limited technology, this lesson can be completed with students working in pairs or small groups.  The completed presentations can be shared with the rest of the class if the teacher chooses.

This is a great activity for a social studies or history class, or for a technology class.  This lesson was designed for middle school (grades 6-8) but could be used in upper elementary grades or high school as well.

Materials Required:

  • Computers with Internet access for each student (or pair of students)
  • Access to Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides (optional – students can use Web 2.0 tools instead)

Files included:

  • Teacher & Student Resources
  • Student Instructions, Expectations and Grading Rubric
  • Google Earth Getting Started Tutorial

Approximate Lesson Duration:

  • Introduction to the Lesson: Video (link below), overview of the project – .5 – 1 (50 minute) class period
  • Research and Google Earth Project: 2-4 (50 minute) class periods
  • Presentation of projects to class (optional): Time will vary based on how many presentations are shown and time for discussion

Total Pages: 10
Teaching Duration: 3 days

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